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Ashley Halsey
- Writer, Cyclist, Triathlete and Road Warrior
by Troy Jacobson

Ashley Halsey waves to friends at Anne Arundel Medical Center late last month. (By Crissy Fuentes)
Ashley Halsey waves to friends at Anne Arundel Medical Center late last month. (By Crissy Fuentes)
A Note from Coach Troy
I've been hosting training camps since 1995 and since that time, have had the good fortune of meeting hundreds of people from throughout the world from all walks of life. Young and old, fast and slow, rich and poor...everyone has a unique background and brings an interesting perspective to the table.

Over the past few years now, a guy named Ashley Halsey has attended my programs including our Tucson Training camp and our Lake Placid Camp. You may recognize Ashley from Spinervals 26.0- The Hardcore 100. 'Hardcore' is an appropriate word to describe him. I still recall when he was pretty 'green' at the first camp he attended in Lake Placid but still rode with the fast group and zipped up the hills as if he had a motor. Since that time several years ago, he has gone on to develop quite an impressive multisport race resume. Apparently, he has even learned to swim! :)

In addition to being a really good age group triathlete, he has a fascinating job. You see, Ashley works as a writer and editor for one of the nation's most influential newspapers, The Washington Post. Catch him with a beer or two at dinner and you're bound to hear some interesting stories.

The Bionic Man!
The Bionic Man!
Like many serious cyclists who log lots of road miles, Ashley's had some misfortune with the pavement. Over a year ago, he broke his hip in a crash. Most recently, he suffered a life threatening accident that almost left him paralyzed and required extensive surgery on his spine. Here's an editorial piece at you'll want to read. Click Here: After a Calamitous Spill, an Epiphany as to Why Readers Crave This Column

Ashley, on behalf of myself and everyone at, we wish you a speedy recovery. And remember - next time you have to fall off your bike, do it in a soft grassy field and 'tuck and roll'. :)
Be safe.

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