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David Thompson's Power File from Spinervals 34.0

In early Nov. 2009, Coach Troy and the Spinervals Video production crew traveled to Chanhassen MN to video tape three new workouts for the Spinervals competition series. Spinervals 34.0 and 35.0 featured elite local triathletes from the Gear West racing team, including top U.S. pro, David Thompson.

Respected as one of the top cyclists in the sport, David used a power meter during the video taping and shared his power file with us to analyze.

The workout was a 'threshold' session, designed to increase power output at AT and allow you to ride faster when time trialing. This workout is ideal for the short and middle distance triathlete, with application for long course racing too. 40K TT specialists on the road will also enjoy this session, as will anyone else who wishes to increase sustained power output.

Here's a brief overview of the actual workout session:

Warm Up | 3 x 30 sec. on @ 30 sec. rest
5 Min. Leg Speed Drill | 10 sec. on / 10 sec. rest
Tempo Set, 5 x 2 min. @ 1 min. rest
Tempo Set, 5 x 1 min. @ 1 min. rest (increase output 5-10%)
Sprints, 20 sec seated (build) then 10 sec. stand and sprint
Cooldown 5-10 min.

David Thompson's POWER FILE from SPINERVALS 34.0

As you'll notice upon analyzing the data, David trained for just over 1 hour producing 850kJ of work. Power is indicated by the yellow line and you can see clearly his intervals for each set, including the warm up (3 x 30 sec.) and the two main tempo sets of 5 x 2 minutes and 5 x 1 minute. Note how David expertly paces himself throughout the workout, building intensity as it progresses through each set and even each rep. Super strong towards the end of the 5 x 1 minute 'on' efforts, he holds steady at around 400 watts... a number most people can achieve only for a few seconds. More of a TT specialist than a sprinter, he did well by cresting over 750 watts in the last few 'all out' sprints of the workout. Overall, a well executed workout and one he'll be able to compare to in the future , riding his Kinetic Fluid Trainer.

Stay tuned and check back for more information about SPINERVALS 34.0. This new title is slated to be available for purchase where you can ride with David 'live' in the comfort of your training room.

·  FREE Spinervals Workout by Coach Troy
·  FREE Spinervals Workout by Coach Troy