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Personal Coaching with Coach Troy Jacobson

Maximize your Training Time and Energy by following a customized training program designed specifically for you by one of the most seasoned and successful Multisport Coaches in the World, Coach Troy Jacobson.

Since 1992, Coach Troy Jacobson has offered personalized coaching services to athletes of all experience levels ranging from novices to Olympic and professional caliber.

Please browse through the various coaching plans below as one of them will most likely ideally suit your individual training needs and budget.


The EXECUTIVE TRAINING PLAN with Coach Troy Jacobson, the Official Coach of IRONMAN, is the ultimate training plan for the serious and dedicated athlete who wants to work closely with one of the top coaches in the world on a personal level for maximum results both short term and long term. The EXECUTIVE Plan offers a high level coaching service with frequent personal interaction and close monitoring of your progress. This is the level of coaching received by many top competitors and professionals as well as by people who understand and appreciate the value of a high level personal service.  


The Premium Plan is Quality one-on-one personal coaching with a top coach will help take your performance to the next level. Coach Troy Jacobson, one of the top coaches in the world since the early 1990's and the Official Coach of IRONMAN offers the Premium Coaching Program for the serious athlete who understands the value in personalized training plan development and coaching advice. This plan is designed to keep the athlete on track and moving forward with ongoing customized training plans (updated weekly), frequent email communication and regular monthly training consultation calls (up to 2.5 hours of phone time/month.).  


After an athlete uses one of Coach Troy's premium level one-on-one coaching services for 6 months or more, they are invited to continue with top flight coaching on a month to month basis via the MAINTENANCE COACHING PROGRAM This plan is designed to keep the athlete on track with ongoing customized training plans, e-mail communication and once-monthly training consultation calls. In addition, athletes continue to be members of and receive new video releases, discounts to camps and more!


Scheduling your time with the Coach is easy! Consultations can be purchased in one hour increments and appointments are available in 20, 30 or 60 minute one-on-one phone calls during a 30-day period of time from the date of purchase. During these calls, Coach Troy will answer your questions, go over your training plan with you and advise you on how to maximize your plan for greater efficiency and better results.