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FAQs about Coaching Services


FAQs about Coaching Services

What is the profile of someone who is coached by Troy?

Troy's clients can be described as motivated, competitive and goal oriented. They have high expectations of themselves and want to achieve their highest potential in athletics as well as in life. They also want to discover a way to train more efficiently and reduce training time overall. Some are elite level athletes while many are less experienced. Troy has experience coaching all levels from beginners to Olympians.

How long does it take to notice results?
Most people see results immediately upon starting a program with Troy. His training philosophy has been used successfully by thousands of athletes since 1992. It is recommended that an athlete follows a training regimen for at least a full annual training cycle in order to realize maximum results but even in as little as four (4) months, athletes report getting stronger and faster.

What makes Troy's coaching services different from others?
A long history of results! Troy was one of the first multisport coaches to coach full time. In fact, many well known coaches today are actually former athletes of Troy and are utilizing his same training methodology with their own clients. Troy's coaching method is very hands on and he is very customer service focused. When you hire Troy as your coach, he develops your training and carefully monitors your progress throughout the entire training process via phone consults, email and in some cases, one-on-one training. You are not simply 'handed off' to another, lesser known coach, as with some other services. Another thing that separates Troy from other coaches is his athletic background and his understanding of how an athlete thinks and feels about training and competition. He knows what it takes to excel as he was once a pro and top competitor.

What is the Triathlon Academy?
The Triathlon Academy is a coaching organization founded by Troy in 1999. It is a network of coaches trained to use Troy's training philosophy for their own clients. In addition, Triathlon Academy offers seminars, clinics and workshops geared to the novice to intermediate level triathlete. Triathlon Academy has a coach for everyone, from novices to pros. The rates are affordable and the coaching is first class. If coach Troy's services do not fit your needs, browse through the coaches profiles at the Triathlon Academy.
My club is interested in hiring a speaker. Does Troy offer speaking services to groups?
Yes. Troy offers clinics and keynote speeches to small and large groups alike. Visit the 'clinics' section of this website for more information.

I am interested in Troy's PERFORMANCE TESTING services. What does this include and who does it benefit? I mean, I'm not a pro and was wondering if it would be useful for me?
PERFORMANCE TESTING is a full day of testing, consulting and training with Troy and his staff and is for anyone who wants to get a true picture of where they are now and what they need to do in order to improve. PERFORMANCE TESTING includes a V02 Max. test (running or cycling), bike positioning, run technique assessment, swim technique assessment, training plan overview and training one on one with Troy and his staff. It is the best way to discover what is necessary to do in order to achieve your goals. For more information, visit Coaching.

How long does it take to get a response from an email and what are Troy's phone hours?
In most cases, Troy answers emails immediately or at least that same day. In some instances (if he is out of town, etc.) it might be 24-48 hours. The higher level program you have (Royal vs. Success), the higher priority and faster the response will be. Troy is in the office most afternoons (EST). His Royal plan clients also get his cell phone number in the case of emergencies or urgent training questions. Scheduling phone appointments is encouraged in most cases.

How important is communication between Troy and his athletes?

Critical! It cannot be emphasized how important ongoing and clear communication is between Troy and his athletes! Athletes need to send him weekly updates with their training logs and how they feel in order for Troy to monitor and design the ideal training schedule. Without this high level of communication, it is difficult for Troy to offer the high level of service and training advice his clients are used to receiving.
How is communication initiated between Troy and his athletes?

It is the athlete's responsibility to assist in keeping an open line of communication. Troy's athletes receive a weekly update from Troy reminding them to send training logs and also offering words of advice and motivation. It is the athlete's responsibility to respond and to schedule phone appointments, etc. Troy doesn't want to intrude on his athlete's lives but wants to make sure they are sticking with the training plan and getting the best results! Royal plan athletes are contacted by Troy weekly to discuss training and to get updates as well as before and after key races.

Can I pay for Troy's coaching services monthly?

Yes. The first and last month of training are due at signing but you may pay monthly. Invoices are mailed at the beginning of each month and payment is expected by the 10th of that month. Major credit cards and checks are accepted.

Is there a discount for paying in full?
Yes. There is a 5% discount for paying in full.
What is the duration of a coaching contract?

What if I get injured and cannot continue with the training?
We can 'freeze' your training for up to three months in the case of an injury. Beyond that amount of time, you will be assessed a cancellation fee of up to $300, depending on the program you choose. The bottom line is that we treat each situation individually in order to be fair.