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Clinics, Talks & Keynote Speeches


Clinics, Talks & Keynote Speeches
Troy Jacobson is a sought-after speaker offering talks on multisport training, fitness, motivation, entrepreneurship, goal setting and, of course, Spinervals Cycling classes!

High Praise for Coach Troy
"Troy's talk on 'The Business of Fitness' to our Exercise Science department majors at Gettysburg College was informative and motivating. His practical experience in growing a successful business in the athletic industry was inspiring to the students and faculty alike. I would recommend Troy's talk to anyone who wants inspiration and to learn more about being a successful entrepreneur in any business endeavor."


"Troy, thank you so much for taking time to meet with the account managers from the various Susquehanna Radio Station all across the country. Your insight into how you market and grow your businesses was fascinating. Your perspective as a business owner of several types of business allowed us to gain insight from the customers perspective which is exactly what I had hoped to accomplish.

"You should also know that in a survey that was completed by the 15 participants of this years advanced sales academy, our meeting with you at your Tri-Speed Store scored a perfect 4.0 on a 4.0 scale rating it as excellent. Thanks again for taking your time to share your story."


"The Triathlon Club of Oklahoma City (TRI-OKC) wanted to start the 2006 season in high gear and what better way than to have Coach Troy come motivate our club and put us through a tough workout! TRI-OKC was thrilled to have Coach Troy come to Oklahoma City on Saturday, January 21 for his multisport clinic. With the 2006 season just around the corner, Coach Troy covered the fundamentals of training, training zones and developing a training plan for those ¡ÈA ¡É races. He even offered race strategies for that added edge! We finished with a grueling 45 minute Spinervals workout with Coach Troy himself! After years of training to his Spinervals on TV, it was awesome to have Coach Troy right there in front of us ??? no slacking allowed! It¡Çs been a couple of weeks since Coach Troy was here and the club is still fired up from his workshop. We highly recommend Coach Troy¡Çs clinic to any club looking for training and racing information and a lot of motivation! TRI-OKC thanks Coach Troy and we look forward to having him back again in the future!"